Flower Fairy...purple hydrangeas

Spring and summer bring out the beautiful colors of the plants and flowers around us, and I am sure that amongst them dwell the little folk.....Done in the perfect shades of the purple/blue hydrangea, this wee flower fairy imp with her blue wings surely can be found hidden among the dew drops on the petals. Hand cut vintage image and flowers are mounted in a three-dimensional manner on heavy mat board and embellished with bits of bling, antique lace and ribbon. Blue wings and a hint of antique lace can be seen along her dress hem. 5" x7" with vintage inspired wire hanger embellished with a "believe" tag. Perfect for the gardener or believer in your family. Kindly asing $28.00 plus travel from Ohio. If interested in purchasing please email me at with your complete email and zip for accurate shipping. Thank you and be sure to stop by the other artisans offerings this month.

I do believe in fairies.....

One of my favorite pastimes....paper cutting. Just in time for spring and summer planting...and those ever present butterflies....look closely...are you sure it's a butterfly and not a fairy??? A vintage image hand cut and embellished with antique lace and buttons on a 5" x 7" heavy board. Her petticoat is made from antique lace as well. She stands proud with her beautiful wings and verse about fairies surrounding her. Perfect hanging from a cupboard knob in the sitting room or in your garden shed...just a little bit of whimsical fairy art for the gardner. Hanging from a vintage inspired wire hanger with embellishment as well. One of a kind creation. Kindly asking $28.00 plus travel from Ohio. If interested in purchasing please email me at with your complete email and zip code for shipping. Be sure to stop by the other artisans offerings this month!!!


SOLD! Thank you! Basket of Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps A sweet vintage basket of soaps, complete with beautiful vintage linen doily. Six full sized soaps include:Farmhouse Vanilla Shea Butter Soap, Milk & Honey, Ginger Oatmeal, Lily of the Valley, Apricot Fig, and Provence Lavender. Soaps are made with natural oils and fats including grass fed beef tallow, raw milk and honey from local farms, natural essential oils. A wonderful gift idea for that special person! Will come wrapped in gift cellophane and tied with raffia. Basket of Soaps is $39 plus $10 shipping. Only one soap basket available. Please email me at if you would like to purchase and thank you for stopping by!


Natural HERBAL PET SOAP by Cats in the Cradle. Formulated with natural oils and fats including olive, coconut oil, grass fed beef tallow, aloe vera and essential oils including cedar wood, cedar leaf, sage and citrus to soothe itchy skin and help repel biting insects. Your pet will smell fresh and clean and their skin will be soothed and moisturized. This soap can be used on dogs, cats (I recommend sedating cats before bathing!), horses, goats, sheep and you too if you care to! Chunky bars weigh approximately .5 oz. each Each bar comes stamped with a paw print and is packaged with a beautiful Victorian image on the label. HERBAL PET SOAP is $8 per bar plus $2.50 for shipping. I have SIX BARS AVAILABLE. Email me at if you'd like to purchase.


One has SOLD...Three more available BE SURE TO CLIP ON IMAGE FOR ANOTHER VIEW OF PRODUCT! Just the thing for anyone who loves the outdoors but hates battling with the bugs. Cats in the Cradle's all natural SOAPS, LIP BALM and HERBAL SALVE are just the trick for surviving in the woods or even just out in your garden or back yard. Kit contains my best selling New England Sportsman's Bug Bar made with natural oils and fats, aloe vera to soothe itchy skin you may already have and essential oils to repel biting insects, a bar of Poison Ivy Itch Relief...very effective in healing and drying the rash from poison ivy, sumac or oak. Bathe with it and make a paste with a little water to apply to the rash before bedtime. Full instructions on the label. This is a very effective soap and we've had rave reviews. I formulated this special soap to help relieve my own cases of poison ivy! Contains natural botanicals including goldenseal root, comfrey, jewelweed, colloidal oatmeal, essential oils, balsam of peru and many other natural ingredients to heal the rash and stop the itch. Kit also contains a 2 oz. jar of my HERBAL SALVE and a full 1 ounce tin of HERBAL LIP BALM, both are made with all natural oils and herbs, no synthetic ingredients or fragrances of any kind. CAMPER'S SURVIVAL KIT comes packaged in a sturdy burlap bag with vintage tag. You will be ready for your camping trip no matter what! Price is $30 plus $7 for shipping. I have THREE SETS available. If you'd like more than one shipping will be combined for a cheaper rate. Please email me at if you would like to purchase and thank you so much for stopping by!

Rug Punch Stool

This rug punch was made with 100% hand dyed yarn and attached to a vintage stool. The stool measures 6.75" tall and 11" wide. It is a design by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten farm. Click on picture to see additional photos. The stool is black with dark green showing through the distressing. I am kindly asking $ 120.00, plus $8.00 shipping

~small primitive pinkeep bird with strawberry~

SMALL PRIMITIVE PINKEEP BIRD WITH STRAWBERRY...I love this small bird on a tufted pinkeep with it's tiny strawberry. It is made using one of my first patterns created. The civil war reproduction fabric of the bird has been stained. As well as the cupboard cloth tufted pinkeep. In it's beak is a strawberry that is 1" long. The entire pinkeep is 6" beak to tail and 3" tall. To see the other side just click on the main photo. This pinkeep is $24 plus shipping to you. Please email me at to purchase.

~red silk velvet strawberry emeries~

RED SILK VELVET EMERIES...Ruby red, brick red and deep red are the choices for these beautiful silk velvet strawberries. Each one if filled with the finest of emery sand. I enjoy sewing with a very sharp needle and these make it possible to have a clean and sharp needle. Please click on the main photo to see close ups of the individual strawberry emeries to enjoy the beautiful reds.


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