Flowers Pinkeep...

Heartstrings Samplery design...Measures 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"....Stitched on linen...Backed in antiqued osnaburg and primitively stitched closed...$65 with shipping included...Email if


All natural GARDENER'S HAND CREAM is a wonderful treat for dry, damaged skin. I make this in small batches from apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, shea nut butter, organic rose water, tuberose wax, beeswax, aloe vera and other natural ingredients. Use just a small amount on clean, damp skin and let it sink in for soft smooth hands. This soothing botanical cream is also great for dry skin on arms, legs, elbows, or wherever you need to moisturize dry skin. Packaged in a green jar with vintage label, 4 oz. A real treat for gardener's whose hands suffer so much in the drying dirt and hot sun. I have 6 jars available. Shipping for one jar is $5.00 If you'd like more, email me for a shipping quote. I accept Paypal (I will invoice you) checks or money orders. Purchase by contacting me at and thank you kindly for stopping by!


Handmade Gardener's Hand Soap is just the thing for the upcoming gardening season. Packaged in a sweet vintage berry basket made of splint wood and zinc, comes with a wooden nail brush for scrubbing off the garden grime. My soap is made from natural ingredients including grass fed tallow, olive oil, coconut oil, natural minerals, and ground corn. Very lightly scented. Each bar is hand cut and approximately 5 oz. Wrapped in beautiful Italian paper. This makes a great gift for a gardener friend, or yourself, and I'm sure you'll find many uses for the little berry box. Four sets available. Please email me at: if you'd like to purchase one. I accept Paypal, checks or money orders. If using Paypal I can send you and invoice. Shipping is $7 for one set. If you'd like more I will email you with shipping cost, and thank you for stopping by!

Blue~Sold..........1835 Bird Pinkeep...

For your consideration are primitive sampler pinkeeps...Pinkeeps measure 4" x 5 1/2"...Stitched on Hardanger...Filled with scrap fabric for a primitive feel...Backed in antiqued osnaburg and primitively stitched closed...Each comes with a big rusty safety pin...Choose between RED BIRD or SOLD~~BLUE BIRD...$28 with travel fare included...Email me if

~limited edition velvet carrot emeries~

*ALL SOLD* My love of velvet brings me to another one of my spring silk velvet carrot emery...unlike the ones from years past this color is actually called pumpkin...I had a small piece of velvet that could not be out of a scrap comes 4" silk velvet emeries...filled with the finest of emery sand to keep your needles on the main photo to see a close up.. Please email me at to purchase.

~wool pineapple pinkeeps~

These cute wool pineapples can go from decorating your home to your sewing room as a pinkeep. The two toned wool is perfect for the look of a pineapple. They are filled with crushed walnut shells and topped with army green wool. Each one is 4" tall and is made from my Pineapple Pinkeep pattern. Pineapple pinkeeps are spoken for.


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