**SOLD**Mouse on M Alpha Block w/ a Pumpkin & Small Spool

***SOLD*** thank you. My little mouse is made of stained muslin that is stained again and then sanded. He sits on a small round overdyed wool pincushion on top of a small m alpha block. He has a small pumpkin out of overdyed wool, a small wooden stained spool with thread and a small wool handsewn pin on the pincushion with him. He is about 3" wide at the pincushion and about 4" tall to the top of his little head that has a small acorn cap on top of it. Kindly asking $50 which includes shipping. Thank you so much.

**SOLD** Bunny on Round Overdyed Wool pincushion

**SOLD** thank you My bunny is made from stained muslin that has been stained again and then sanded. She sits on an overdyed round wool pincushion with a sewn on slug on the bottom for weight. She has an overdyed wool carrot, a pumpkin on there with her and I also made a small carrot handsewn pin as well. the pincushion is about 4" wide and about 5" tall to the top of her ears. Kindly asking $55 which includes shipping. Thank you very much.

~vintage sewing collection pumpkin pinkeep~

VINTAGE SEWING COLLECTION PUMPKIN a collector of vintage sewing items (lots of them!!!) I needed a way to display some treasures. Why collect them and just leave them in a box? With fall just around the least fall decorating...this pinkeep is perfect for the vintage collector. The main photo is just a close up of the see more of the pumpkin pinkeep and read the list of goodies please CLICK on the main photo.

Thimble needle keep roll

This piece is 3 1/2” wide x 6 1/2” long. It is made with cotton fabrics, wool, and velvet. It holds an antique advertisement thimble. This thimble says “Lite” Sanitary Soap (scissors not included). This piece is based on a pattern from Carmen Sutton. Asking $56 plus $8.00 for US shipping (click on photo for more photos)

~cross stitched tomato drum~

***SPOKEN FOR*** TOMATO DRUM...when does a tomato smell like lavender? When I make it into a drum! The top 1" of the filling of this drum is my homegrown dried lavender. I had so much fun creating this piece. It is 3.5" tall and 3.5" in diameter with the crowning top of the cross stitched tomato. Attached to the drum are 2 cherry tomato's that were created from overdyed cotton velvet and attached with a crocheted floss cord. Besides the lavender, the drum is filled with clean sawdust and crushed walnut shells. The pattern for the cross stitch is by Heart in Hand...the finish is mine alone. The very bottom is a surprise of a green print that coordinates with the green stitching. I have also signed and dated this piece. If you'd like to see a close up of the may CLICK ON the main photo to go to one additional photo. TOMATO DRUM...IS SPOKEN FOR

Hanging Heart Scissors Pocket***SOLD***

This hanging heart is a nice size, measuring 7 1/2” across, and 6” high. The Bee design is my own, and is stitched on 35 count linen, using overdyed threads on the the pocket, which measures 3 1/4” by 2”. The front and back of the heart are 2 coordinating bee print fabrics, and I’ve done a herringbone stitch over the seam. The heart is firmly stuffed with a mix of sawdust and crushed walnut shells, giving it a nice weight, and the hanging ribbon is attached with vintage grey pearl buttons. In the pocket is a tiny pair of scissors (2 1/2”) with a strawberry scissors fob made using a bee print fabric and a wool cap. The fob measures under 2”, and is firmly stuffed with crushed walnut shells. I’ve added a few more vintage pearl buttons, and some antique glass head pins. The small needle book is not included. The heart comes signed and dated, and travel fare is $10.00. Please click on the photo to see additional pictures.

Double Sided Pincushion

I found these old bone napkin rings from England and knew I wanted to try my hand at these. This sweet butterfly and the little design on the bottom are both stitched on linen with hand-dyed threads. The piece is about 2" in diameter and 1 1/2" tall. Asking$48 plus $8 for US shipping.

Strawberry calico pinkeep

STRAWBERRY CALICO PINKEEP...In my quest for finding unique items to use in my creations, I came across this metal soda fountain cone holder in the town of Mayberry (true story). What a perfect thing to use as the base for a strawberry pinkeep! The strawberry itself has been created using quilters calico. The 5 army blanket green leaves have been edged with blanket stitching. The pinkeep is 8.5" in height. The strawberry alone is 4.5" high. This strawberry is completely filled with crushed walnut shells and has been embellished with a few old buttons, a key and 2 black hat pins. Pattern creation is my own. STRAWBERRY CALICO PINKEEP is $35 plus shipping to you. Please email me at to purchase.


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