Cross Stich

Cross Stich

Strawberry & Crow pillow tuck

STRAWBERRY & CROW PILLOW TUCK...petite and quaint is the perfect description for this pillow tuck. The linen was slightly aged to darken the look. The hand dyed pom-pom edging is the perfect color and the calico on the back is a mini floral in the same color family. The pillow tuck is small measuring 6.5" by 4" and is filled with scrap wool clippings. This would look great tucked on a shelf or in a basket with fabric strawberries. The pattern is by Brenda Gervais. STRAWBERRY & CROW PILLOW TUCK...$40 plus shipping to you.

Ohhhhh...the smell of lavender

ALL SPOKEN FOR...LAVENDER FILLED STRAWBERRIES...2 of my favorite things - Lavender and strawberries. Each cross stitched strawberry is completely filled with lavender buds (no other filler!). The cream stitches are a great contrast on the red linen. Each strawberry is different and all are capped with dark brown wool that has been stitched in place. The strawberry itself is 3.5" in length. The ribbon attached is roughly 10" long so you can hang it or attached the strawberry to something. Please CLICK ON the main photo to see each one individually.

Bunny patchwork pocket

This sweet little bag is almost 7 1/2” at the widest part and about 8" long. The strap measures 38” from one side to the other. I used beautiful cotton Moda fabric for the patches and linen for the stitch. Asking $48 plus $8 for US priority shipping.

Heart Measuring Tape***SOLD***

I have only one of my heart Measuring Tapes available this month, and it is stitched on 35count linen with overdyed threads. The top and bottom are lightly padded with batting, with the back and sides covered with 2 different coordinating Moda fabrics. It measures 2 3/4” high, 3” across, and just over 1/2” deep. Travel fare is $7.00. Please click on the photo to see additional picture.

Stitched Needle Minders. *****ALL SOLD****

Each of these needle minders is stitched on linen using overdyed threads, and is lightly padded with batting. Each has a different Moda fabric covering the back. They will will stay firmly in place, either on your stitching, or will attach to any metal surface such as the base of your stitching lamp, to hold your needles. I’ve used the small rare earth magnets with these, and they’re even strong enough to hold a small pair of scissors. They measure 1 5/8” across. Travel fare is $3.00. Please click on photo to see some of the backs with magnate attached.

Needle Minder Necklace

I’ve stitched these necklaces on 35 count linen with overdyed threads, using both BBD, and Heartstring Samplery Designs. Each has a bone ring at the top and is backed with a different, coordinating Moda fabric, and is strung with vintage rayon ribbon. The ribbon can be removed and it can be used as a thread keep if wanted. I’ve used rare earth magnets in these, and although not as strong as my smaller needle minders because of their size, they will attach firmly to your stitching or to any metal surface such as a stitching lamp base to keep your needles nearby. They measure 2” across, and 2 3/4” from top to bottom including the bone ring. Travel fare is $7.00. Please click on the photo to see additional picture.

Fabric Covered Bee Box***BOTH SOLD***

These small round paper mache boxes have been painted and waxed. The bee is stitched on 35 count linen with overdyed threads, using a Prairie Schooler design, and is padded with batting, and mounted on the lid. The box is covered with a bee print fabric by Moda on the outside, and has a padded insert which is covered with a coordinating fabric, both of which I lightly stained to give a vintage look. Measurements are 2 1/2” in diameter, and 1 3/4” tall. Travel fare is $7.00, and I have 2 available. Please click on photo to see additional pictures.

~REBECCA antique reproduction sampler~

*SPOKEN FOR* REBECCA HALL SAMPLER...this wonderful hand stitched antique reproduction sampler was originally stitched by Rebecca Hall at the age of 7. She filled the sampler with sweet motifs along with part of the alphabet and her name. I have finished it with a hand turned and stitched edge. It has a backing of olive green quilters cotton. The piece has been stained to give it an aged antique look. It will come signed and dated. If you wish to see a close up view...CLICK ON THE MAIN PHOTO. The size is 6" x 6"...just perfect to tuck into a vignette. The pattern for this sampler is from Pineberry Lane. To purchase this sampler please email me at REBECCA HALL spoken for.


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