Winter Cottage

Winter Cottage

Primitive handmade goods and hooked rugs.

I hope you enjoy tonight's offerings!

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Purdue in pink is made with all the things that make us love folk dolls: repro pink fabric, thick cotton thread for hair, and rosy cheeks. For even greater charm she shows “wear and tear” with small scuffs in her dress and body as if lovingly played with throughout the years. Of course she isn’t really old, just worked hard on her to make it look that way. She reaches nearly 11 inches tall. All visible stitching is sewn by hand. Kindly asking $48 which includes her shipping.
A sweet little doll quilt made from browns and blues. The measurements are a bit wonky as if made by a young girl just learning her patchwork. Quilting done by hand. Approximately 11 x 10 with some uneveness, making it perfectly primitive. Kindly asking $60 which includes travel.