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Hi my name is Linda Koch, Or simply Primdollie Koch!  Thanks so much for stopping to look at my offerings as well as all the wonderful artists here on Primitive Handmade Mercantile. 

Welcome to My June Update

I'm happy to have two sweet bears ready for adoption and hope one will make you happy and come home to you! Thanks for stopping by I hope you will look at all our amazing artists work! There are a lot of amazing pieces available! 
Thanks for stopping and I hope you all have a wonderful 4th Of July Holiday!


Please use the paypal button provided. I only have one of each available. All of these are one of a kind. I can perhaps make one similar but they won't EVER be exactly the same. Also each monitor may be different so the colors may be a bit darker or lighter than they may appear depending on your particular monitor. Thank you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!


I prefer to use Paypal for payments. If you'd like to purchase more than one item please contact me after you've purchased one and I will combine shipping and send you a refund.  In order to see more views of my pieces please click on the main image of each item.  I can be reached for questions at or or my FB page or on Instagram

***SOLD thank you***My first sweet bear is all handsewn out of a beautiful curly thick mohair. I have tinted him with oil paints and pan pastels. He has some boo boo stitches to make him look a bit older and loved! He’s wearing a little straw hat that’s simply tied to his head in the back so you can remove it if you so choose! It’s aged a bit too but sorry hard to see in the pictures! He’s been stuffed with fine wood shavings and glass beads to weight him! He is 5 way disc jointed so limbs and head move freely. He’s a whopping 10+ ounces alone and with his overdyed wool pumpkin he’s over 11 oz! His wool pumpkin is made from overdyed wool and needle felted wool locks on top stuffed with a new fab fiberfill I’m using now. It’s 3 1/2” wide and 2” tall to the top of the pumpkin not including his wool stem. The bear is 10” tall and sits 8” tall and has a needle felted little tail I made using the wool I pulled from his face and boo boos! The mohair is imported from Germany and he has imported hand made glass eyes from Germany. The main picture shows his color best but there isn’t anything on his nose sorry I didn’t see it when I took the picture outside, it was something that landed there from the winds. I don’t have the name of the pattern designer to share it was a feee pattern online. I’m sorry I have to charge a bit more for shipping but if I’m over I will refund you the difference. He sits nicely on his own but does not stand! He is not really a toy but more for collectors. Kindly asking $150 plus his shipping. Thank you so much. Click the main picture to see more views. If you have any questions please ask.
***SOLD thank you ***My second sweet bear is all hand sewn out of a beautiful imported German mohair with imported hand made glass eyes from Germany. He’s been tinted with oil paints and pan pastels and I’ve given him boo boo stitches too to make him look older and loved! I used a Kerstin Braun pattern that I enlarged and made his belly a bit bigger too! He has a large acorn on his head that I drilled holes to run a cotton crochet thread thru it to tie it to his head so you can remove it if you like. He’s stuffed with fine wood shavings and glass beads to weight him too so he’s nice and heavy. He is also 5 way disc jointed so all his limbs and head move! He is 8” tall and sits 6” tall and his butt is 4” wide! With his big oversized overdyed wool pincushion and wool acorns he’s over 11 ounces and so it will cost a bit more for shipping. I’m sorry but I will refund any over charges. Kindly asking $135 plus shipping. Remember my bears are meant for collectors so not really toys. Thanks for stopping. If you have any questions please can click on main picture to see more views.