Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps

Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps


  Welcome to September's offerings at Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps!  Autumn is my favorite time of year and it's never lovelier than here in New Hampshire.  The weather is perfect for soap making and I'm getting down to it for the upcoming holiday season!  Please remember that I am off my computer before upload time, so if there's something you want to purchase and you email me tonight I will reply Friday morning. Don't forget to see all of my soaps, skin care products and vintage treasures at my Etsy shop location and thanks for supporting PHM!  

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Blackened Beeswax casting of a rooster (or chicken?) I don't know my chickens from my roosters! poured from an antique mold with all the details and flaws of original mold, dusted with cinnamon for a primitive look 4 3/4" by a little over 3" wide wonderful sweet fragrance of beeswax and cinnamon will be a welcome addition to a country home this fall Carefully packaged with care tag included I have two available, price is $16 each and $4.00 shipping. Email me at if you would like to purchase. thanks for stopping by!
LARGE chunk of handmade Rustic Goatmilk Oatmeal Soap Wonderful light scent, loaded with fresh raw goatmilk from a local farm, my oatmeal soap contains grass fed beef tallow, olive and coconut oil as well for a creamy lather. these bars are hefty chunks and have cured for many months so they are very LONG LASTING! No fancy wrap, they come wrapped in brown paper with a tag made from old antique paper I have six of these soaps available, each one is $10 plus $3 shipping. this soap is excellent for dry sensitive skin and would make a thoughtful Christmas gift!
Click image for a second view! Great gift for a gardener, a rustic vintage terra cotta pot with a 4 ounce jar of my 1907 HAND CREAM, a 4 ounce bar of GARDENER'S SOAP, and a 2.5 ounce round cake of TALLOW SOAP Tied with a rustic twine. Soaps are made from grass fed beef tallow as is my Hand Cream which is formulated in part from an old 1907 recipe using natural oils and fats including Apricot Kernel Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, raw Beeswax, grass fed Beef Tallow, shea nut butter, essential oils and Orange Flower Water. Very light scent Wonderful for dry skin on hands or anywhere you need a gently, soothing moisturizer. Apply sparingly to clean, moist skin for best results. Tallow Soap is unscented. I have only ONE of these, price is $35 plus $7 shipping. email me at if you would like to purchase
NEW ENGLAND CRANBERRY SOAP..about 2 1/4 lbs Beautiful 12" slab of unwrapped soap, you cut to suit.... This is the equivalent of 10-12 bars. LONG LASTING! Lightly scented, hand made from grass fed beef tallow, olive and coconut oils, organic dried cranberries Slice and use, or wrap some individually to give as gifts. Soap slab comes plainly wrapped in vintage music paper and tied with twine. Cost is $46 plus $8.50 shipping. Email me at if you would like to purchase and thanks for stopping by!