Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps

Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps

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 Taking March off to recover from the latest snow storms, so nothing new this month.  Stop by next month for some nice Spring treats and visit us at our NEW WEBSITE for more soaps, beeswax items and vintage goods.  We are also on Etsy so check us out!  If you see something you want send an email and I will get back to you in the morning. I am NOT at my computer in the evening, and must upload earlier than others.  Happy treasure hunting!  


We prefer CHECKS but paypal is ok too.   We offer WHOLESALE to brick and mortar shops.....please inquire         


Beautifully detailed lamb done in Blackened Beeswax and dusted with cinnamon to give it a more primitive rustic look and fabulous scent. Poured from a German mold Twine hanger and raffia, care tag included. Back is papered in a page taken from an antique German Bible. Measures 5.5 by 4.5 Click image for another view. I have two available. Cost is $18 plus $5 shipping. Email me at if you would like to purchase Thanks for stopping by!
The gardening season will be here before we know it and with it come plant rashes and bugs! I have a limited supply of Poison Ivy Itch Relief soap which is a great soap for all kinds of skin ailments. Hand made in small batches from grass fed beef tallow, olive and coconut oils and loads of natural botanical ingredients known to heal poison ivy rash and other skin maladies. Will NOT dry your skin, but will soothe the itchy spots and promote healing. This is a costly soap to make, hence the higher price and limited supply. If you would like to purchase they are $9 each plus $4 shipping. Buy two or more and shipping is greatly reduced per bar. Email me at if you would like some and thanks for stopping by.