Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps

Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps

Handcrafted Artisan Soaps, Herbal Skin Care, Beeswax Castings

Welcome to June's offerings from our humble farmhouse at Cats in the Cradle.......

The Summer is upon us at last with much to do in the gardens and house, we are so behind this year as spring came late to New Hampshire and I've been very busy formulating herbal preparations for my husband to help him gain strength and build up his immune system during this difficult time of treatments and doctor visits.  I encourage you to visit my website and Etsy shop for more soaps and vintage treasures.   While I do not offer "primitives" per se, I think you'll find my handcrafted soaps the best you've ever tried, always packaged beautifully with nostalgia in mind!

  Learn more about Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soaps at:, and  Paypal, checks and money orders accepted.  CUSTOM ORDERS for GIFT BASKETS also offered and WHOLESALE to brick and mortar shops.....please inquire. 




This item has SOLD...THANK YOU! Sweet old berry basket filled with Cats in the Cradle handmade soaps and hand cream. Basket contains full sized bars of Gardener's Soap, Lily of the Valley Soap, Prairie Soap and Rosehip & Oatmeal Soap along with a 4 oz. jar of my GARDENER'S HAND CREAM, made with shea butter, olive oil and other natural ingredients All of my soaps and creams are made with the finest natural ingredients that are kind and moisturizing to the skin. Check out my website and Etsy site for more information on ingredients, or email me with any questions. This is a great gift basket for anyone who loves to garden or just enjoys handmade soaps of the finest quality! Cost for this basket is $38 plus $10 for shipping. A great price as individually items would cost more. Email me at if you would like to purchase. Only One available.
CLICK ON IMAGE FOR MORE VIEWS Fabulous antique ironstone soap dish holds an 8 oz. piece of my handmade Lard soap. This soap will last you a very long time and will be so useful in the kitchen and laundry. Handmade of lard sourced from midwest farms, spring water and sodium hydroxide. No scent, just a good beefy cake of soap like Grandma used, only better. English Ironstone soap dish is in nice condition with a few chips and flea bits on base, the normal discoloration that ironstone acquires with age (which makes it even more charming!) Looks great in any vintage setting. Soap comes wrapped in plain brown paper, tied with raffia and a bay leaf. Only one available. Cost is $35 plus $8 shipping. Email me at if you would like to purchase.
This is a large and detailed beeswax casting of Saint Ambrosius, the Patron Saint of Beekeepers. I have cast the image in blackened beeswax, dusted with cinnamon for a primitive look and ready to hang. One of my most popular castings and a very unusual mold, the casting measures 8 1/4" by 5.5" and is quite thick, weighing about a pound. Back is covered in vintage music paper. Care tag included. Saint Ambrosius holds a staff and has a beautiful bee skep. He is surrounded by honey bees. I have only one available. Cost is $38 plus $8 shipping. Please email me at if you would like to purchase. He will be carefully packed and shipped to you!
Handmade Bay Rum Shaving Soap from Cats in the Cradle in a delightful old ironstone shaving mug. Mug has crazing and is nice and hefty and comes with a vintage natural bristle shaving brush. Soap is about 3.5 oz and is wrapped in brown paper with a bay leaf and twine. Perfect gift for that special guy One of a kind Bay Rum shaving set, wrapped and ready to ship! Price is $28 plus 8.50 shipping Email me at if you would like to purchase and thanks for stopping by!
This item has SOLD....THANK YOU! Handmade by Cats in the Cradle farmhouse soaps..... Luscious Apricot Fig bath bars packaged with antique French paper from the 1700's, bay leaf and twine.... This is one of my favorite scents and provides rich, moist lather that leaves a sensuous scent on the skin. Made from natural oils and fats including grass fed tallow, apricot kernel oil and olive oil. Chunk hand cut bars weigh about 4.5-5 oz. They are $9 each with $3.50 shipping charge. If you would like more than one shipping will be much less per bar. Email me at if you would like to purchase and thanks for stopping by! ALL SOAPS SOLD OUT!
WASTE NOT...WANT NOT!! When times get tough, Yankees get frugal!. And while beautiful handcrafted soaps are still an affordable luxury, a bargain is hard to resist! So I'm offering a bag full of great "soap scraps" cuts and end pieces that are too small to sell as whole bars, but too darn good to throw away. You receive 1.5-2 pounds of assorted soap scraps, an assortment to please everyone. We mix it up so you get a good variety. You'll be surprised at just how big some of these "scraps" are! This is one bargain no Frugal Yankee should pass up! Packaged in a lined kraft bag with tin ties and a great old frugal Yankee farm wife on the label. Limited quantities. FOUR bags available at present time. Price is $15 per bag plus $8.50 shipping. Purchase more than one bag and shipping fees are less per bag. Email me at if you would like to purchase and thanks for stopping by!