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Honeycomb and Threads

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Hello, and welcome to "Honeycomb and Threads".  My name is Cathy Tonelli, and I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing group of talented artists.  I have been stitching, and creating with all types of fabrics, threads and different materials for as long as I can remember, as well as collecting all things old, which I often try to use in my finishing.  Our bees supply us with sweet smelling beeswax, which I've been working with for many years.  I am very excited and so looking forward to sharing my love of creating with you.

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This is an older Design by Prairie Schooler, that I stitched onto a natural colored linen. It’s attached with some old upholstery nails, onto a paddle that I cut out from some old repurposed wood, and then painted and distressed it. The piece measures 6” across, and 6 1/2” from the base to the top of the lollipop. Travel fare is 8.50.
Each of these needleminders, which I created with my fellow stitchers in mind, is stitched on overdyed linen, with overdyed threads, and is lightly padded with batting. The backs are completely covered with a coordinating fabric. They will stay firmly in place, either on your stitching, or will attach to any metal surface, such as the base of your stitching lamp, to hold your needles. I’ve used the small rare earth magnets with these, and they’re even strong enough to hold a small pair of scissors. They measure 1 5/8” across, and travel fare is $5. Please click on the photo to see additional picture, and when claiming please indicate by color.
I created these scissors cases using one of my own designs. Stitched on overdyed linen using overdyed threads, they have 2 different coordinating bee themed fabrics for the front and back, and are completely padded with cotton batting. The strawberry scissors fab is firmly stuffed with crushed walnut shells, and has a wool cap. The case measures about 3 1/4” wide, and about 4 1/2” high, and the scissors are included. Travel fare is 8.50. Please click on the photo to see additional pictures.