SOLD........ Hand-made Halloween crown, with use to be determined. Excellent crown for a doll or simply as a Halloween decoration item. The crown is very durable since it is made of a lightweight metal. Painted black and dusted with a pumpkin colored glitter, with a black metal star as the central focus point. Measures about 2 inches tall, and diameter of 2-7/8 inches.

Velvet Pumpkin Clamp

I created this sweet pumpkin from silver gray velvet. It's attached to a primitive metal clamp. It has a dried pumpkin stem and I've added antique black headpins, some black silky ribbon and a key. Measures 11" tall from the base of the clamp to the top of the stem and about 4" wide. Comes signed and dated. Travel fare is insured priority $7.50.

Jack Pincushion ****SOLD****

Jack is quite the character with his antique shoe button eyed stare ….not to mention the goofy grin of his too. The piece he is stitched upon is hand dyed linen and it measures 4 3/4" x 3 3/4" . Jack himself is made out of two lovely wools and the Jack lettering beside him is stitched with black DMC thread. The pincushion has been stuffed with wood shavings, lavender, and walnut shells. I have also aged the piece with walnut stain and adorned it with black pins/ black buttons. Asking $35 plus $8 for US shipping.

Big Pumpkin Jack Drum *****SOLD***

This big sweet goofy pumpkin drum is 6 1/4" in diameter and almost 2 3/4" tall. As you can see Jack is made out of a lovely plaid orange wool backed with a off white wool. He has lovely antique black shoe button eyes and a very goofy grin. The drum has been adorned with some old black buttons and some black/ black glass pins. I used black DMC threads to do all the cross stitching with. The side of the drum is a lovely rust orange/ with black in it and the bottom of the drum is a lovely brown (both are Jo Morton fabrics). I have stuffed the drum with sawdust shavings, dried lavender, and walnut shells. Also I have added a very nice black chenille cording around the top and the bottom. It will come to you signed and dated. Asking $75 plus $8 for US shipping.

Pumpkin Ditty Bag*****SOLD****

This prim pumpkin ditty bag is 5 3/4" wide at the widest point and 6 3/4" tall. The strap has been done out of two different colors and is 46" long from side to side. The front has been done out of hand dyed linen and stitched with GAST hand dyed threads. The pin that adorns the front hold three antique buttons. The inside of the ditty bag has been done with the lovely orange fabric you see at the top of the bag. Where the back of the piece has been done in a patch work of three coordinating fabrics that match the strap and front. Asking $45 plus $5 for US shipping.

Pumpkin Jack and His Black Cat

Pumpkin Jack is 19 1/2" tall from the top of his hat to the bottom of his toes. His black cat with the moon is 6" tall. Jack is rag stuffed so he's a solid little pumpkin made out of orange homespun fabric that I aged. His black cat with a moon is stuffed with polyfil. Pumpkin Jack's clothes are made out of homespun too and as you can see he sports a button smile. I used a lovely pattern by Threadbare Primitives to create this set. Asking $62 plus $8 for US shipping.

~black kitty on a pumpkin pinkeep~

~SOLD...BLACK KITTY ON A PUMPKIN PINKEEP~ I enjoy combining fall with my love of creating pinkeeps, this one included...this pinkeep is 4 3/4" in height...the black flannel cat with his hand stitched face is attached to the pumpkin silk velvet pinkeep...the pinkeep has been filled with crushed walnut shells and has a heavy feel...it is 4 1/2" in diameter...3 pins adorn the pinkeep...this is meant to be for adult collectors and should be kept out of the reach of small hands...the black kitty on a pumpkin pinkeep is sold~

~oh so sweet silk velvet pumpkin emeries~

~OH SO SWEET SILK VELVET PUMPKIN EMERIES~ these by far are now my favorite emery...they are made with rich pumpkin colored silk velvet and packed full with emery sand...use these to keep your needles sharp...each one has a tiny stick stem and a green wool leaf...they are approximately 2 1/2" in diameter...each pumpkin emery is $20 plus shipping to you...please email me at woodlandprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.


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