Early look handmade needfuls, vintage and antique goods

My name is Michele Slowik of Krankykatprimitives; I grew up surrounded with arts, crafts, and antiques, my mom loved to go to antique shops, flea markets and craft stores! At the time I did not appreciate it much, antique shopping was the last thing I wanted to do as a kid! My first apartment in NYC I decorated the total opposite of old, everything new and trendy! In my mid-twenties shabby chic was my thing, anything white, rusty, vintage was my new love! As time went by, I kept getting more into primitives, at first more country, and eventually to mostly all early primitive antiques. I live in a reproduction saltbox which is a perfect backdrop for my collections. Crafting has always been a big part of my life, when my children were little I didn’t have much time for it, over the past few years I have decided to put a lot of my spare time into crafting the items I would normally have bought from a shop.  I only make or sell things that will fit in with early and primitive homes, if display it in my house, I sell it! 

Please note: I will combine shipping and refund overage! 


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