Prims and Whimseys to bring a smile

Glad you stopped by!  I'm a midwest girl who has been sewing and creating all my life.
My passion is handmade Prims and Whimseys, giving much attention to every little detail.
I strive to offer creations each month that have personality and character -
while having a bit of fun creating in the process!
Hope you visit often!
Karen DeGreve (aka Cookie)

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What a sweet fella Frosty turned out to be! The chilly snow guy will melt the biggest heart. Mounted on a vintage thread spool, Frosty is wearing a wool stove pipe hat as big as his smile! The moss has begun to grow on this old fella's brim, but he doesn't mind. He measures in at 9" tall from the tip of his top hat to the gray wool muffler wrapped around his neck. Frosty would surely make a great addition to your wintery collection!

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This Belsnickle is a Santa head mounted on an antique black ceramic door knob. He is full of character with lots of hand stitching. He has a stained face and sports a red wool hood accented with grubby “fur” and rusty bells all the way around. His facial features are both stitched and painted and his awesome hair and beard are beautiful alpaca wool. This piece is sure to bring conversation when you have guests over this holiday season

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When I decorate for Christmas, I have many trees of all sorts of sizes and shapes. They are made from various fabrics, metals, and wood. Each one is special to me and finishes a Christmas vignette to perfection. I'd forgotten about a fat quarter of an old army blanket I purchased years back, and knew it was a beautiful material for a tree. "Silver Bells" is an 18" tall Christmas tree with silver balls attached on each bough and a big silver bell right on top. It has jute twine which criss-crosses down the length of the tall tree. It comes with a stained tag attached and firmly stands in an antique silver “floral frog”. The tree does pull out for easy storage during off season.

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Have you read the story of the 3 trees where each wanted something specific? The first wanted to hold treasure, the second wanted to be a ship to travel mighty waters, and the third tree just wanted to remain on the mountain, growing tall so that when anyone gazed on him, they looked up and thought of God. I was thinking about this story while I was making these trees. ( If you have never read it, you can find it here: These 3 lovely trees are made from a green wool tweed material with rusty bells on top – the tallest of the 3 measures 18”. They are firmly mounted in a section of old barn wood, full of worm holes and great patina. The wooden base measures 5” x 6”. It's sure to add a beautiful finishing touch to any Christmas vignette, or would look amazing standing alone.

3 TREES has sold, thanks so much!

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This Santa is made from muslim and wool felt that has been created to hang from your Christmas tree or cupboard or any other place where you find suitable. There is a long hanger attached at the back of his hood. Santa has button eyes and alpaca wool for beard & hair. His hood and jacket are lined with stained "fur" with rusty nubs attached down the front. Around his waist is cinched a gathering of sweet annie with two grubby candy canes and in one stick arm, he has a wreath attached made from sweet annie. He measures 10” tall and smells divine!

SOLD, thanks much!

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