Prims and Whimseys to bring a smile

Glad you stopped by! I'm a midwest girl who has been sewing and creating all my life.
My passion is handmade Prims and Whimseys, giving much attention to every little detail.
I strive to offer creations each month that have personality and character!
Hope you visit often!
Karen DeGreve (aka Cookie)

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This piece is so dear to my heart and would be quite welcoming on your front door or can be suitable hanging on your wall or cabinet knob. Wings of Love is made from a lovely material of muted swirled roses with a pocket on the front filled with drieds. The wings are layers of deep reds covered in muslin that have been quilted and transformed into a great textured piece with lots of dimension. Truly a piece with much depth, it measures 8" long x 14" wide.

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What could be better on a hot summer day than a nice juicy strawberry! This lovely strawberry has been painted and stained with embroidered “seeds”. It has a leaf / stem of green vintage army blanket wool. It comes nestled in a big 5 1/2” vintage berry crate and measures 8” long and 6” across. Tucked inside the pocket are some old fashioned handwritten strawberry recipes and preserved sweet annie. There is also a loop on the back for hanging on display. **Be sure to click the photo for additional views**

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I love this patriotic stump doll. Stumpy Sam has been made from muslin that has been painted and stained – with the most amazing hair! He is just grungy enough to look great nestled in a vignette with a patriotic theme.