Prims and Whimseys to bring a smile

Glad you stopped by!  I'm a midwest girl who has been sewing and creating all my life.
My passion is handmade Prims and Whimseys, giving much attention to every little detail.
I strive to offer creations each month that have personality and character -
while having a bit of fun creating in the process!
Hope you visit often!
Karen DeGreve (aka Cookie)

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A sweet lil kitty pinkeep made from calico and beautiful brown tweed wool, it measures 4" x 5" - a couple of views available by *clicking the picture* so you get the full effect.

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I wanted to make something a wee bit different … and since it’s been some time since I made a pinkeep, I couldn't pass up this Sleeping Fox, a pattern from Rock River Stitches. He is made from beautiful green tweed wool and painted and stained osnaburg and measures 4" x 6". Be sure to *click the photo* for additional views.

Foxy has sold, thanks so much

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Twin rabbits come with dried carrots and engraved tags that say HOPE and LOVE. Measuring nearly 12" tall, these guys are mounted on big vintage thread spools and have bendable ears. These “bookends” are sold separately for $25 each + shipping. If you want the set, the price is $45 + shipping. PLease email me to purchase.

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This bunny is ready to do some decorating and has freshly strung decor in hand. She comes with a garland of carrots, bells and baby bunny permanently attached. She is made from stained osnaburg and measures 9 1/2" tall and created using a crows roost pattern. You can prop her for posing standing upright or hang her from the loop attached on her back. Either way, she is sure to get you in the mood for Easter eggs.

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Bunn is setting out on a journey, with mega carrot in hand. But just in case things go awry along the way, he stashed a baby carrot in his back pocket. Bunn is a one-sided piece made from a crows roost pattern and can be hung from a loop or propped standing up. H'es Such an awesome piece that measures a tad over 10" tall! Oh, did I forget to mention how much I love his cute little snow white wool tail? He is a looker, to be sure. Be sure to *click the photo* for additional views. 

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