Prims and Whimseys to bring a smile

Glad you stopped by! I'm a midwest girl who has been sewing and creating all my life.
My passion is handmade Prims and Whimseys, giving much attention to every little detail.
I strive to offer creations each month that have personality and character!
Hope you visit often!
Karen DeGreve (aka Cookie)

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This piece has me captivated with its painted and stained paper roses mounted on a bed of fresh moss. Measures 8” x 10” x 10” deep and will be a magnificent focal point during the Halloween season! Be sure to click the photo for additional views.



Sprout is a Stump doll, but please don’t judge – she is still in training! Forget the “Eye of newt and toe of frog” – her pet frog goes with her everywhere and she wouldn’t dream of taking one of his toes to cast a spell. Sprout is a lovely size – she measures 20” tall, which includes her removable hat, that has been garnished with moss, flowers and pips. She is a meaty-feeling girl with a hangtag attached and a magic broom. One day, she will learn to fly with it, but for now, it serves to clean her room nicely! **Be sure to click the photo for additional views**

** Click the photo for additional views