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Glad you stopped by!  I'm a midwest girl who has been sewing and creating all my life.
My passion is handmade Prims and Whimseys, giving much attention to every little detail.
I strive to offer creations each month that have personality and character -
while having a bit of fun creating in the process!
Hope you visit often!
Karen DeGreve (aka Cookie)

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This one-of-a-kind Mama Crow carries her 3 babes off to safety. She is made from muslin which has been processed to look and feel like leather. Her features are needle sculpted – from her beak to the tip of her tail. Her saddle bag is made from rich tapestry with a hopsack pouch to hold the babies. The front is adorned with a large wool felt Sunflower. There is also a lei of small sunflowers permanently attached around Mama’s neck. “The Journey” is firmly mounted to an antique bobbin with a full & sturdy base and stands 12” tall & 17” long. There is a stamped metal hanging from the pouch that says “ The Journey Awakens the Soul”. You can see additional views of this by clicking the PHOTO.* This piece is finished on both sides, but meant to be displayed with babies visible.

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