Woodland Primitives

Woodland Primitives

~handmade American folk art and collectibles~

Hi there...my name is Carol Woodard, owner and designer at Woodland Primitives. I am living my dream of creating wonderful goods that I can share with you. All items are created in my studio by me.  Payments  are made through paypal, credit card, money order or personal check. Items will be shipped to you by USPS to US and Canada addresses only. 


Have a comment...I'd love to hear from you, please email me at woodlandprimitives@yahoo.com. Please visit my web site...and don't forget to sign up for my newsletters.


SPOKEN FOR...ROBIN PINKEEP DRUM...I’m working small again! A parade of 5 robins were cross stitched on the homespun looking linen. I added a teenie robin to the top along with antique straight pins, antique buttons and a threaded needle. The robin is attached with only a hat pin. The drum is filled with lavender, crushed walnut shells and sawdust. Please CLICK ON the main photo to see 2 other views.
SPOKEN FOR...PAINTED HANGING LAUNDRY PINKEEP...mustard painted holder (purchased from our own Kathy Makers) is filled with a pinkeep make from antique indigo fabric. Included on the pinkeep are an assortment of antique pins and buttons. Attached is also a strawberry emery also made with antique indigo fabric. The piece overall is 7.25” tall, 4.75” wide and the pinkeep area is 2.25” high. PAINTED HANGING LAUNDRY PINKEEP isSPOKEN FOR
SPOKEN FOR...MAKE-DO BIRD PINKEEP...today got me thinking of simpler times. I pulled out one of my first patterns and created the bird pinkeep with the strawberry attached to his beak. This was mounted on an antique quilt frame clamp. I have attached a piece of felt to the top of the screw so it doesn’t mar the bottom of your table. The pinkeep part with the bird is 2.25” high, 3.25” in diameter and the bird is 6” long. MAKE-DO BIRD PINKEEP is SPOKEN FOR