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ridgely johnson


Welcome to my little corner in Primitive Handmades Mercantile, a place packed with Primitive Treasures !

Looking forward to our May Update this Thursday, 5/16/19 at 9 pm EST.  I will be featuring a new angel ~ Susannah. Hope to see you here!

*** Angel Purchase May be divided over 2-3 months- please inquire for more info ridgelyjohnson@icloud.com

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Painted in rich sienna and antique white, Susannah transforms any area into one serene and secure. ridgely painted Susannah during a scary, turbulent time. Her husband suffered a bone infection after a routine knee surgery. After emergency surgery and 6 weeks of daily IV medicatio/infusions- Dr removing PICC line Tuesday. She prayed for courage to face life’s next page- The name Susannah comes from the Latin word for courage ... somewhere I read this and named her :-) CLICK PHOTO for more info and other views! *** Please Note- Buyer May put Susannah on Layaway I.e. make payments of $110 and shipping charges Contact ridgely at ridgelyjohnson@icloud.com or via FB messenger
Sienna is a beautiful red-haired Angel with a ponytail! Measuring 18” x 18” x 7/8” with Mixed Media on Canvas. CLICK PHOTO for more info and other views! **** Please contact ridgely to arrange purchase if you are interested in purchasing with 2 payments of $95 plus shipping charges ridgelyjohnson@icloud.com or Facebook messenger and she will set it up for processing