Baskets in the Nantucket Tradition

Baskets in the Nantucket Tradition

Baskets for your treasures from fabric and pins to yarn and hooks

Hi. My Name is Jane Theobald and I have been making Nantucket style baskets for almost 40 years.  Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you will enjoy my continued efforts to incorporate the beauty of the origional baskets to the storage functions of contemporary needleworkers, knitters, rug hookers, and women in general.

Pleaes email me at if you have any questions about my work.  I accept  money orders, personal checks, and credit cards through square.

In addition, please look at all photos and descriptions closely, as all sales are final.

This 9” by 4” by 3.5” basket harkens to the whaling days when sailors spent idle hours creating pieces of folk art for their loved ones. The basket is made of various hardwoods. The top is an old piece of mahogany and the whale and stars are carved by me using bone. Please click main image for additional pictures. Also please email me for shipping cost and assistance. Thank you. Sorry. I am very late but this was sold and thank you.
This small round basket is 3 1/2 diameter by 2 inches high. It is a sweet little whatnot basket is made with staves of Right whale baleen which had previously been in an 1800s corset. The bone decoration on the top is a 1930s carved bone pin. The price includes ground shipping via UPS. Christmas trees are not included. Please click on main image to view another photo. Sold. Thank you and have a healthy peaceful Christmas
This little whatnot basket is 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 2 inches high. It is woven of repurposed very old cane and the little owl on the top is carved of bone with a baleen beak and eyes. Baleen is the filter material in the mouth of a Right whale which filters the plankton in the whale' diet. The price includes shipping via UPS ground. Christmas trees are not included. Please click on the main image for another photo. ***Mistletoe***